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JCIA Standards

There are three standards, Japan Camera Industrial Standards (JCIS), Digital Camera Graphical Symbol (DSCSG), and Digital Camera Specifications in Catalogs (JCIA GLA), which were enacted by the Japan Camera Industry Association (JCIA) and transferred to the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA).


These standards have been established through standardization of the technology in the camera industry since about 40 years ago and were technically supported by the JCIA standards committees. At present, 12 standards* exist.( *Our standards are available in only Japanese .)


These are the guidelines that the former JCIA DSC Committee created. Only the following guideline exists.

DSCSC002: 1999 Digital Camera Graphical Symbol (established in July 1999)

Purchase of JCIA Standrds

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  • Our standards are available in only Japanese.

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