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8 About CIPA DC-001-2003 Rev.2.0

What is the difference between former version and Revision 2.0?
Since, in the revision 2.0, there is no new technologies nor mandatory features added comparing to the former version, it was released as Revision 2.0.(CIPA DC-001-2003 is regarded as Revision1.0)
The difference from former specifications is as follows:
・We newly added paper size parameter values of DVD/CD label, Paper for Hi-Vision, Panorama, etc.
・We clarified the implementation method of XHTML-Print that supports
characters, which were not specified in the former specifications.
・Correction of wrong descriptions

Is there interoperability between devices of CIPA DC-001-2003(Revision1.0) and Revision 2.0 ?
If both of two connected devices are based on the former specifications, they communicate as CIPA DC-001-2003, and in case one of two devices is based onRevision 2.0, it communicates and they work normally as CIPA DC-001-2003

Can I pass a test of Logo Certification for Revision2.0 by Test Tool of CIPA DC-001-2003 ?
Latest version of test tool is required.
For the details, please ask Logo Certification Organizations.

By the test tool for Revision 2.0, can I apply for Logo Certification for CIPA DC-001-2003 ?
It is possible because the test tool for Revision 2.0 can be used also for the logo certification of CIPA DC-001-2003.

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