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7 Procedure: Regarding logo certification

Why does the logo certification process require the company requesting certification to sell a PictBridge-enalbed product?
The purpose of the Logo certification process is to maintain compatibility among products using the PictBridge Logo.

Which institution will grant the PictBridge logo certification?
Followings are the authorized logo certification agencies for CIPA:
- System Solution Center Tochigi Inc.(SSCT)
- Allion Japan Inc.
Please see the Logo Certification Guidelines for details of the certification. If you have any questions, please send your inquiry to the agencies above.

What steps do I have to take to adopt PictBridge? Tell me about logo certification procedures and other procedures?
After obtaining the standard “CIPA DC- 001-2003 Digital Photo Solutions for Imaging Devices,” you have to purchase a prescribed test tool, implement a test according to regulations, apply for a logo license, and receive a license certification from CIPA. For further details, we would ask you to see “Logo Certification Guidelines,” which you can download after purchasing the specifications. But if you are unclear on any points, send inquiries to the SSCT.

Is there any way of preventing the name of a relevant product from being published in Certified Model Listing on the CIPA website?
When applying for logo certification, state that you do not want the name of a relevant product to be published.

How many days does it take to obtain the result of certification ?
Our certification agency, SSCT, will issue the NOTIFICATION OF LOGO CERTIFICATION within 3 business days from the expected starting date for certification as normal case.

What are the main changes of the procedure from the Logo Certification Guidelines Rev.2.0 and the Logo Certification Guidelines Rev.3.0?
Main changes:
- The number of Logo Certification Organization is increased to two
- Changes to the types of application
- Changes to method of submission
- Partial changes to method of OEM application
See our Website for more details.

What are original models in the similar product applications?
Concerning similar product applications, original models are basically newly submitted or already logo-certified models.

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