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5 Procedure: Regarding obtainment of the specifications

What steps do I have to take to obtain the specifications?
Roughly, you have to take the following procedures.
1. Consider whether you are applying as a CIPA member or as a non-CIPA member.
(CIPA members are exempt from some payment.)
*For information about the CIPA membership, please click on here.
2. Download “Agreement for CIPA DC-001,” fill in the form, and send it to the CIPA Secretariat (for both CIPA members and non-members).
3. Pay JPY 58,000 (including bank transfer charge) to the designated account as an administration fee (for non-CIPA members only).
This is the price in case of remittance outside Japan. In case of remittance in Japan, the price is JPY50,000(not including consumption tax and local tax).
4. When the CIPA Secretariat confirms the Agreement (for both CIPA members and non-members) and payment (for non-CIPA members only), “access ID numbers” necessary to download the specifications will be issued (10 per company) and sent to the designated address by e-mail.
5. Download the specifications and other related documents after completing the registration for access ID as explained in the abovementioned e-mail.
For details, see “Guide to obtaining standard” on the website.

How long would it take me to obtain the specifications after sending the necessary documents and payment?
Generally, access ID numbers necessary to download the specifications will be issued and instructions will be sent to you by e-mail within 6-7 business days after the contents of the document and the payment of the entire amount are confirmed.

Is it possible to make payments by check or credit card?
No. We do not accept payment by a method other than transfer to the designated bank account.

Who will bear the bank transfer charge?
The bank transfer charge will be your responsibility, but the price in case of remittance outside Japan includes the bank transfer charge.

In case it becomes necessary to obtain the specifications promptly, could you accept the necessary documents being sent by facsimile and the original being mailed later? In addition, would you issue ID numbers in advance based on a promise to make payment at a later date?
We would not be able to accept such responses. We issue ID numbers only after we have received the original document and have confirmed payment of the entire amount.

n what currency should I make payment?
Please make your payment in Japanese yen.

To what account should I transfer payment?
Bank Account:
Name of bank: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Tamachi Branch
Account No.: Saving account No. 0799683
Account holder: Camera & Imaging Products Association

am a non-CIPA member, so how much do I have to pay to obtain the specifications?
For a corporation within Japan: JPY 54,000 (8% consumption tax included)
For an overseas corporation: JPY 58,000

I am a CIPA member, so how much do I have to pay to obtain the specifications?
You do not have to send any payment since the membership fee will be applied to the administration fee.

If I have paid more than the amount required, would I be able to receive a refund?
We do not give any refunds, so please be careful not to pay more than the amount required.

Can CIPA members only apply for obtaining the specifications?
No. Non-CIPA members can also apply. However, CIPA members do not have to pay the maintenance fee that is necessary when obtaining the specifications.

If I become a CIPA member, how will the payment I have already made be treated?
If you submit an application for membership in CIPA within one month of your application to obtain the specifications, the payment will be applied to part of the enrollment fee for CIPA.

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