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3 Regarding products

How many kinds of PictBridge-enabled digital still cameras and printers are sold?
See the Certified Model Listing on the website. However, not all products are listed there, so check the catalogues of related companies for details.

Is it possible for non-inkjet printers to comply with PictBridge?
Yes, it is possible for non-inkjet printers to comply with PictBridge.

Do you think the price for PictBridge -enabled products will be higher priced than non- PictBridge products?
That decision is up to the respective manfacturers. However, an increase in price is not expected.

To whom should I confirm the setting and operation methods of the PictBridge function for my own camera and printer?
CIPA does not have detailed information about the specifications for each product of each company, so please ask each manufacturer.

4 Procedure: In general

What steps do I have to take to adopt PictBridge? What do I have to do to sell a product with a PictBridge logo?
You have to obtain the standard "CIPA DC-001-2003 Digital Photo Solutions for Imaging Devices," purchase a prescribed test tool, implement a test according to regulations, apply for a logo license, and receive a license certification from CIPA. For details, see "The summary of the method to use the PictBridge logo mark", "Guide to obtaining standard" and "Logo certification program" on the website.

I am planning to obtain the specifications in the future. How much do I have to pay for logo certification as a whole?

About the list of payment, please read here.

See “Guide to logo certification program” for more details.

If I want to export and sell our products to the countries other than those specified in the Exhibit B of "Trademark Master License Agreement", what should I do?

As specified in the Article 5.7 of "Trademark Master License Agreement", you are requested to notify CIPA by writing if you wish to do so.
The format of letter is free, but please send us the letter dully signed by authorized person while the title of signer is not specified.
CIPA will inform you in case of needs when we hear any trouble related to the Licensed Marks happened in the countries mentioned in your letter.

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