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1 Regarding background/overview

What is the formal name of this specification?
Standard of Camera & Imaging Products Association CIPA DC-001 –2003 Digital Photo Solutions for Imaging Devices. Its commercial name is "PictBridge".

How did PictBridge become a CIPA standard?
A specification, tentatively named DPS, was originally announced in December 2002 by 6 private companies - Canon, Fuji, HP, Olympus, Seiko Epson, and Sony. It aimed to allow for direct printing between various brands of digital still cameras and printers. The 6 companies chose CIPA as an appropriate industry standard body and consigned DPS management and administrative work to CIPA since CIPA has been considered as a main standard body to establish a standard for still image file transfer. CIPA has decided to manage PictBridge based on CIPA formal procedures

Why does CIPA promote PictBridge?
CIPA is considered as an appropriate industry standard body to establish a standard for still image file. CIPA has also evaluated PictBridge as a solution to meet consumer needs.
PictBridge will be widely adopted to products in imaging industry because CIPA formally has supported PictBridge.

What is the current version of PictBridge? Do you have any plans for next version?
The current version is called "CIPA DC-001-2003 Revision2.0" which allows to develop a PictBridege enabled product. CIPA will consider updating to enhance the digital photo solution.

Is this standard to be disseminated overseas?
Yes. CIPA itself was established as a standards body to form worldwide standards. PictBridge has already been adopted worldwide as well as in Japan.

Has any company expressed an intention to comply with this standard?
Many digital cameras, digital video cameras, and printers adopt PictBridge. For the latest PictBridge-enabled models, see the product catalogues of manufacturers or Certified Model Listing on the CIPA website at here. Cellular phones with PictBridge were also released, and further development is expected in the future.

Do you have plans to expand PictBridge connectivity to other devices beyond digital cameras and printers?
PictBridge can be applied to any image input or output devices for digital images, including camera phones.

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