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What is PictBridge?
2.PictBridge direct-printing functions and features

PictBridge allows you easily to print images captured by a digital camera without a PC. PictBridge includes a wide range of functions, but the particular functions available will depend on the individual device specifications.

PictBridge products are capable of performing the following basic required functions.

- Connecting digital camera to printer
You can connect a PictBridge digital camera to a PictBridge printer with a USB cable. Direct connection established regardless of brand - without having to install software.

- Single image printing
The button controls can be used to print immediately an image displayed on the digital-camera LCD display.

- Error message
If an error occurs during printing, error message appears on the LCD screen or the corresponding function of the digital camera.

Numerous other useful functions are also provided (e.g., printing multiple images, specifying the number of print copies, printing trimmed images, specifying print size, displaying print status). These functions are only available if supported by the devices connected.

Checking the functions of connected devices

[Standard printing settings]
PictBridge lets a digital camera use the default settings of the connected printer if the digital camera doesn’t provide print settings such as media size, media type, or print quality. If a printer needs settings like media type, size, and print quality that the digital camera doesn’t support, the printer uses its own default print settings.

PictBridge makes it easier than ever to enjoy digital photography without a PC or special software. PictBridge is supported by a wide range of models and brands.

*Note: “USB”
This is the abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus, a standard for connecting peripheral devices to PCs. It is widely used to connect mouses, printers, and digital cameras to PCs.